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          After - sales service regulations

          Time:2017-08-11 14:03:13 Visit:number

          After - sales service regulations

          Jinhan Electronics Co., Ltd  uphold the aim to offer the  best competitive products with favorable price and quality service ,since it be established. Before we  put out the product  to the foreign market ,All them must experience four test successively :production department, quality inspection departments, sales department technical commissioner  and there are up to one year of domestic market testing. So the quality is assured , the pass rate can reach more than 99.5%. But in order to safeguard the interests of foreign dealers and consumers, we have developed the following after-sales service regulations:

          一、  The basic purpose of after-sales service:

          the most sincere attitude to provide customers with the most efficient and satisfactory after-sales service

          二、   Product warranty regulations:

          Hefei Jinhan Electronics Co., Ltd promises that as long as the use period of the original product not more than three years ,we can offer free repair with it. The company has long been committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive after-sales support services to ensure that users have a good operation experience,  customer satisfaction is our consistent pursuit.

          (一) Warranty period (subject to product warranty card shipping date) 

          Machine warranty for three years, accessories, including chargers, probes, multimeter warranty 3 months, shell, plastic sleeve, film is not covered within the warranty

          (二) The following is not a free warranty 

          1Purchased products beyond the warranty period or the product is not within the scope of the warranty; 

          2Warranty card is lost and can not be determined purchase time;

          3Improper handling or accidental damage caused by damage, such as falling, squeezing, high temperature caused by damage;

          4There are signs of damage to the appearance; 

          5products has been repaired by customer service department beyond our company , privately disassemble and transformation can not be repaired

           9Damage caused by force majeure such as earthquakes, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, wars, etc. 

          三、   after-sales service process:


          四、 Additional information 

          1. The laws of the People's Republic of China shall be governed by these laws and regulations, and shall be governed by these Regulations if they are inconsistent with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

          2. The right of interpretation and interpretation of this Ordinance is the property of the Company. 


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